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Stone Colours

 portland colour swatch Portland (P)
A soft natural
white colour stone

bathstone colour swatch Bath Stone (BS)
A light honey colour stone

garden fountain colour bath Green (G)
A medium olive green stone

garden fountain colour swatch light terracotta Terracotta (T)
A pale and sun baked terracotta

garden fountain colour swatch dark terracotta Dark Terracotta (DTC)
An earthy Tuscan red/brown terracotta

garden fountain colour swatch slate grey Slate Grey (SG)
A cool dark slate grey

antique finish Antique finish

Colours may vary slightly on your screen due to digital processing. For more information see Colours information

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Installing a tiered stone fountain

The Acanthus 3 tier

The illustrations below are set on a gravel bed but they can also be installed onto a patio in the same way. it is recomended that this fountain should not be placed on soft earth or lawn unless a stable base or flagstone is put underneath.

acanthus base section

(1) Start by positioning your base pedestal section, avoid placing it under overhanging trees as debri can fall into the water and block the pump. Note the copper pipe sticking up, this aligns with the cable gland in the main bowl, it is offset slightly to one side.

fitting the main bowl

(2) Place the main bowl onto the base section, be sure to locate the copper pipe into the hole. If you have a spirit level its good to make sure each section is level.

tighten cable gland

(3) Thread the pump cable down through the gland, it will come out at the bottom of the base section. Leave a couple of inches of cable beside the pump and tighten the nut on the gland, this seals the bowl. Next push the plastic pipe onto the pump outlet.

pump suround

(4) Slide the hollow pump section down over the pipe and position over the pump so the adjuster is on the side with the cutaway, this allows you access to the pump for adjustment and cleaning. There is a small cover included that hides the pump from veiw ( see small pictures).

second bowl

(5) Slide the second bowl down over the pipe being carefull not to kink the pipe as you do so. Repeat this with the rest of the sections to the top. Note the plastic pipe is a tight fit in the bowls which acts as a seal for each tier.

installation complete

(6) Fill the main bowl with water and turn on the pump. Once the pump has filled all the upper tiers check the water is flowing evenly around all of the bowls and its done.

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